Pop Up stall

Lodhi Gardens is Indian street food like you’ve never seen it before. 100% vegan, Indian food inspired by Australia.

Here’s our current Pop-Up Food Stall Menu

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Butter Chicken
Vegan butter chicken
Marinated pieces of fresh young jackfruit in an aromatic cashew cream sauce

Succulent young jackfruit, marinated in a spicy cardamom, clove and nutmeg marinade, cooked through in a decadent cashew cream and tomato sauce. Hearty protein-packed curry, perfectly balanced with lots of dietary fibre.
Served with aromatic basmati rice and fresh green salad.

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Masala Dosa
Golden rice and lentil batter crepes stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes.

The golden rice and lentil batter pancakes, seasoned ever so slightly with fenugreek – are packed with calcium, vitamin B6 and iron. The masala stuffing, made with creamy Aussie potatoes, lends you the right balance of fibre and taste.
Served with a protein-packed coconut chutney.

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